Fixed Gas Detection


Infrared Aspirated Environmental Monitor

The IR-em2 offers intelligent, reliable and accurate gas monitoring for a wide range of HCFC and HFC refrigerants together with Carbon Dioxide and Ammonia.

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Features & Benefits

Exclusive to the IR-em2 is the ability to monitor each zone individually for specific refrigerants therefore enabling HFC's/CO2 or ammonia/CO2 to be sampled on subsequent channels from a common IR-em2. Its high sensitivity and selectivity ensures gas leaks are detected at the earliest opportunity, therefore reducing unnecessary losses.

Common leak, spill and fault relays together with 16 individual zone relays enable easy integration of the IR-em2 into alarm and emergency ventilation systems.


Since 1997 leading companies have successfully installed the IRLDS infrared based refrigerant leak detection system which has now been superseded by the new IR-em2.

The performance, reliability and reputation of the IRLDS has been retained with the new IR-em2 together with a range of additional features.

Technical Overview

Zone Based Operation

Zone Based Operation

The IR-em2 is an aspirated gas monitoring system with the ability to monitor up to 16 zones independently. The system uses a high capacity vacuum pump to sequentially sample air from potential leak locations up to a distance of 150m. Air samples are sucked through 6mm O/D colour coded pipe back to the IR-em2 where it passes through a valve manifold and water trap arrangement before entering the sample cell where the analysis is conducted.

The result of the analysis is displayed clearly on the backlit LCD screen together with the associated zone name. Historic data from previous measurements is retained on the system to enable technicians to identify leak patterns and rectify problems easier.

Self Diagnostics

Self Diagnostics

The airfow is constantly monitored and if it drops below an acceptable level that may impair the operation of the system, a fault condition is initiated. In addition, a daily-self test is conducted to verify the internal pneumatics of the IR-em2, and if a problem is identified a fault is displayed. All fault conditions are logged to enable problems to be quickly & easily resolved.



Each zone can be assigned up to three alarm thresholds, leak, zone and spill. The leak and zone alarms have an optional delay which requires refrigerant above the alarm threshold to be measured over a number of consecutive cycles before being flagged whilst the spill alarm is instantaneous. In the event of a leak, spill or fault occurring, the corresponding LED and relay will be energised. Each of the 16 zones has a dedicated relay which is energised in the event of a zone alarm. All relays can be configured fail-safe and have both N/O and N/C volt free contacts.

High Accuracy

High Accuracy

The high sensitivity and selectivity of the unit is achieved as the IR-em2 uses the unique 'infrared signature' to identify the refrigerant and eliminate nuisance alarms from potential contaminant gases. As a result the IR-em2 can accurately detect refrigerant concentrations in parts per million levels. To maintain this high accuracy the system also compensates for changes in ambient pressure and is able to determine and alarm if blockages occur during operation which can prevent refrigerant leaks from being identified.



Remote visibility can be provided via the RS485 or Ethernet interface. Modbus RTU and Woodley Protocols are supported on the RS485 interface whilst the Ethernet connection supports SNMP, XML and HTML protocols.

Therefore using a PC with a standard web browser, operators can remotely view and interrogate the IR-em2 either locally or across a LAN or WAN.

CPC (UK) also offers a range of ancillary equipment to interface with the IR-em2 to provide remote visibility and indication of refrigerant leaks and system faults.

Technical Information
Weight 18kg
Refrigerants Ammonia, CO2, R22, R404a, R507a, R407a, R410a, R422d.
(Other refrigerants available upon request).
Operating Environment Ambient 0°C to 40°C < 95%rh
Fault/Leak/Spill Relay Rating SPDT 24 Volt AC 2 amp
Zone Relay Rating SPDT 24 Volt AC 2 amp
Power 230V 120va (optional 110V AC)
Classification CE


Remote Display

The remote display allows the user to access the front end of the leak detection panel enabling notification of alarms and faults for up to 4 units via an ethernet connection.

E2 Einstein

The addition of the E2 Einstein to the IR-em2 enables the user to interface and connect via a remote PC or laptop giving the capability of monitoring temperatures, energy consumption or suction pressures, enabling the user to optimise energy efficiency on site.

Learn more about the E2 Einstein

GSM Alarm Module

The GSM Alarm module gives the user the capability of receiving voice or SMS warning notifications.

Bespoke Solutions

We offer bespoke interfaces to the IR-em2 such as relay alarm panels, maintenance override key switches, remote audio/visual displays and HVAC interface panels.

At a Glance

  • Detects HCFC's, HC's, HFC's, CO2 and ammonia.
  • Monitors up to 16 zones.
  • Simple 6 key user interface with password protection.
  • Individual zone naming and alarm thresholds.
  • Optional fail-safe alarm operation.
  • Self diagnostics detect system faults.
  • Highly selective to minimise nuisance alarms.
  • RS485 Modbus RTU + XML & SNMP communication protocols supported.
  • On-board web server enables viewing and configuration from web browsers such as Internet Explorer & Mozilla Firefox.
  • Optional specialist gases including non refrigerants available on special request.

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